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theoracleswithjamestyson's podcast

The Oracles with James Tyson is a PodCast of interviews and views of experiencers and authors of subjects surrounding the supernatural, paranormal and spiritual. It brings you spirit clearings, psychic prophecies with views conversation on the supernatural experiences of others. Do you have a suggestion for a guest or topic? Just let us know.

Jun 6, 2019

James is joined by this unique husband and wife duo who combine their psychic and mediumship abilities to assist both the living and those who have crossed over. They discuss those who've "crossed over" coming back as well as those who haunt.  Dwight also talks about his ability to communicate with animals. 

Authors Dwight and Rhonda Hull investigate reported haunted places ranging from ruins in the desert, to small historic buildings to larger, more well-known locations. Their mission is to investigate history through the voices of those who lived it.

The Hull's  have been featured on television and radio and are the co-authors of two books on the paranormal. Their goal is to empower people across the globe with insight from the afterlife. ​​​​