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theoracleswithjamestyson's podcast

The Oracles with James Tyson is a PodCast of interviews and views of experiencers and authors of subjects surrounding the supernatural, paranormal and spiritual. It brings you spirit clearings, psychic prophecies with views conversation on the supernatural experiences of others. Do you have a suggestion for a guest or topic? Just let us know.

Jan 30, 2020

James welcomes ET Forensic Artist David Chace and discusses Davids favorite ET, the Reptilians. David is an illustrator and researcher with an interest in the experience of alien contact, and in particular alien beings with reptilian features. One of his goals is to create a taxonomy of the different alien species visiting our planet, based on eyewitness descriptions and drawings. His educational background is in biology, ecology and evolution, and his knowledge in these areas forms his art and his perspective on the UFO contact experience. David has been working with experiencers for over twenty years.