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theoracleswithjamestyson's podcast

The Oracles with James Tyson is a PodCast of interviews and views of experiencers and authors of subjects surrounding the supernatural, paranormal and spiritual. It brings you spirit clearings, psychic prophecies with views conversation on the supernatural experiences of others. Do you have a suggestion for a guest or topic? Just let us know.

May 22, 2019

Energy Healer Kathy Marrott and James discuss how she loves to use her Spiritual Gifts to help guide people manifest the reality of their dreams. Kathy often does this by helping them open up their awareness, raise their energetic frequency, remove negative blocks keeping them in their past and help you see your own spiritual gifts so they can continue helping themselves.

As an Intuitive Medium, Energy Healer my greatest joy is to help people.

Making a difference in people’s lives has become Kathy's life’s choice, because if enough people raise their consciousness and vibration to self love and celebration of life!