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theoracleswithjamestyson's podcast

The Oracles with James Tyson is a PodCast of interviews and views of experiencers and authors of subjects surrounding the supernatural, paranormal and spiritual. It brings you spirit clearings, psychic prophecies with views conversation on the supernatural experiences of others. Do you have a suggestion for a guest or topic? Just let us know.

Apr 18, 2019

Psychic Medium Skeeter Welhouse drops in to talk about her trip down Hwy 101 through the redwoods and her experience in alien interference as well as a wee bit of time travel.

Skeeter has been working in the paranormal and psychic field professionally for the past five years. Having had an eclectic collection of experiences with various paranormal events and phenomena since she was a toddler, Skeeter has always felt she was part of that world, but she has only recently begun sharing her insights in order to assist her clients and others through their own experiences.

Skeeter’s primary loves include past life work and necromancy (working with the dead utilizing ritual and magic) although recently ET experiences and crytozoology are working hard to catch her attention. Skeeter is currently working out of her office in Tacoma, WA using her talents and skills to assist others while penning her first book, the Trinity Chronicles (due out October 2020) based on her own past life memories and experiences. She’s also preparing to host Tacoma's first spirit/pagan focused paranormal conference in October 2019 in order to create a wider circle for experiencers and believers to gather and share in a fun and educational environment